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As a high-tech fine chemical company, Haihua Technology’s products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, food additives, daily chemicals and other industries

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Anhui Haihua Chemical Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a state-controlled subsidiary of Anhui Huilong Investment Group Co., Ltd. under the Anhui Supply and Marketing Cooperative Union. It has a registered capital of 132 million yuan and fixed assets of about 600 million yuan. It has 2 production areas and a total area of Approximately 900 acres and more than 500 registered employees.

The company's production base is located in Mohekou Industrial Park, Bengbu, Anhui, on the beautiful shore of Huai River. It is adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the south and Nanluo Expressway in the west. The geographical position is unique and the transportation is extremely convenient.

As a high-tech fine chemical company, Haihua Technology's products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, food additives, daily chemicals and other industries. The company focuses on quality, insists on innovation, and operates with integrity, and wins the trust of customers with high-quality, stable product quality and good reputation. The "Haihua" brand enjoys a good reputation in the industry. The company has a solid technical research and development team, always proficient in research, and constantly innovating. At present, the company has 3 registered trademarks, 23 utility model patents, and 7 invention patents. Passed ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 quality certification and safety standard three-level enterprise certification. In 2013, the company was rated as a high-tech enterprise.

The company produces a series of anisidine products (p/o-anisidine, m-nitrochlorobenzene, and sodium thiosulfate) in the first production plant area;leading the industry; produces a series of cresol products in the second production plant area(p/o-cresol, 2, 6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (BHT),o/p-chlorotoluene, ditolyl ether (high temperature heat transfer oil), thymol, L-menthol).Products in the second plant area have high technological content andextremely technical difficulty. At present, the world Only three companies in Germany, the United States and Japan have industrial production capacity. The successful research and development of Haihua Technology in the cresol series products broke the 30-year-old Technology monopoly abroad and created a situation where the Chinese mastered core technologies and no longer rely on imports.

Over the years, Haihua Technology has been unremittingly advancing Technology upgrading and management reforms, keeping up with the latest Technology of fine chemical production at home and abroad, and achieving sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

In the future, Haihua Technology will always adhere to the tenet of "innovative development and dedication to society", further improve the industrial chain, increase research and development, and strive to build Haihua Technology into a domestic first-class fine chemical company and a world-class enterprise within 5-10 years. A supplier of flavors and fragrances to create maximum value for customers, shareholders and employees.


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Sales Department 1: +86-552-3322079 (methyl ether series)

Sales Department 2: +86-552-3322035 (cresol series, chlorotoluene series)

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