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Haihua Technology held the third quarter party member meeting to carry out "Do not forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission"

Time: 2019-11-06

On the afternoon of October 22, the Haihua Science and Technology Branch Committee organized the third quarter party member meeting and democratic life meeting. Party branch secretary Comrade Xie Fengmiao presided over the meeting. All party members attended the meeting. Activists and non-party cadres above the middle level attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. At the meeting, the participants concentrated on learning "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's Excerpts on "Don't Forget Your Original Heart, Keep Your Mission in Mind"" (hereinafter referred to as "Excerpts"), and carried out criticism and self-criticism based on the problems and deficiencies in the third quarter work.

Since the Party Central Committee deployed the theme education of “Don’t forget the original heart and remember the mission”, Haihua Technology’s party branch has actively responded to the party’s call and incorporated the "Excerpts" into the theme education and learning plan, and requested all party groups to organize party members to study earnestly and truly do it every month. To keep the original aspiration, assume the mission, find the gap and grasp the implementation.

At the meeting, the participants focused on criticism and self-criticism. They adhered to the principle of seeking truth from facts, stressing the party spirit, not personal relationships, and truth but not face, giving serious opinions and enthusiastically helping comrades. Fully expose and analyze problems through criticism and self-criticism, always be prepared for danger in times of peace, not blindly confident and complacent.

After listening to everyone’s speeches, Secretary Xie Fengmiao commented on every party member and cadre who attended the meeting, pointing out everyone’s shortcomings and improvement directions. He emphasized that today's democratic life will be very successful. Everyone can "red face and sweat", find deficiencies, find gaps, find blind spots, find problems, and achieve the expected results. He put forward the following requirements for production management and company development: 1. Go all out to ensure safety. Safe production is Haihua’s life and death line, lifeline, and the biggest political task. It is necessary to “watch” to improve the safety effect, and put the risk first at all times. Safety work must be loud and effective, without any formalism, otherwise it will waste manpower and material resources and miss the best management method. 2. Strengthen the construction of talent team. Talent is the core competitiveness of the company's development. Our young cadres need to be tempered repeatedly to grow and take on important tasks. The company will establish a cadre rotation system in the future. Party members and cadres must continue to strengthen their learning and continuously improve their abilities and levels. Not only can they keep up with the company’s development, but they can also broaden the knowledge of cadres, improve management experience, and solidify the foundation of production and strengthen development. base. 3. Strengthen the construction of a clean government. Take facts as an example, deeply learn the lessons of typical cases, educate people around them with things around them, draw inferences from one another, and continue to conduct conversations and supervisions on key departments, key positions, and key personnel, so as to enhance our party members’ ability to resist corruption.

Secretary Xie Fengmiao finally requested that all party members and cadres should use a high degree of political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness to continuously study the ideological consciousness in the "Excerpts", inspire work inspiration, and guide the progress of work; each party group is implementing the basic work of party building At the same time, the education activities on the theme of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission" are publicized, carried out, and implemented in a down-to-earth manner to enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of all party members.