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Haihua Technology Party Branch organized to watch the National Day military parade

Time: 2019-11-06

On the morning of October 1, Haihua Technology Party Branch organized more than 30 party members and cadres on duty to watch General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on the 70th anniversary of the National Day and military parade.

When the loud and familiar national anthem sounded, when the bright five-star red flag rose slowly over Tiananmen Square, when the magnificent military parade officially opened, everyone was instantly excited and deeply proud of the prosperity of the motherland.

During the live broadcast, everyone listened carefully to the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi and watched every link of the military parade. The excitement and joy were beyond words. After the military parade, everyone said that through the military parade, the great strength of the motherland was demonstrated. Only when the motherland is strong can the people be happy. We must cherish today's hard-won beautiful life, stand on our posts, work steadily, and use practical actions to make the motherland prosper, for the development and growth of Huilong, and for the rise of Haihua!