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Chen Hui and his entourage went to Haihua Technology to inspect work safety

Time: 2019-11-06

On the afternoon of September 6, Chen Hui, member of the Party Group and leader of the discipline inspection team of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, went to Haihua Technology to inspect and guide the safety production work of the enterprise. Xu Guifang and Wang Shubao, directors of Provincial Emergency Management Department, Li Yongdong, chairman of Anhui Huilong Investment Group, and Song Jian, director of Bengbu Provincial Emergency Management Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

Chen Hui and his entourage visited the production plant of Haihua Technology, and listened to the report by Xie Fengmiao, general manager of Haihua Technology, on the company's operation and safety production.

Chairman Li Yongdong introduced the future development direction of Haihua Technology to Chen Hui and his entourage, and put forward requirements for Haihua Technology's safe production. He requested that Haihua Technology, first, should "safety work is greater than the sky" as the backbone of all work, and strictly implement the group's "safety first, efficiency second" policy. The second is to be willing to invest in safety, there is no upper limit on investment in safety and environmental protection, and to use scientific and technological means to do safe work. The third is to do a good job in building a clean government and create a clean and upright corporate environment.

After listening to the report, Chen Hui, the leader of the discipline inspection team, said that Haihua Technology was the first choice for this Bengbu investigation trip, and it was very rewarding. He pointed out that through the inspection of Haihua Technology, he was very pleased. From the perspectives of factory appearance, facilities and equipment, and development prospects, Huilong and Haihua Technology are a win-win cooperation. He pointed out that Haihua Technology has entered the ranks of state-owned enterprises, and the following aspects should be implemented in daily operation management and production activities: First, enhance political awareness and improve political standing. As a state-owned enterprise, it must strictly implement the relevant requirements of the Party Central Committee and governments at all levels, and obey the overall national strategy. The second is to enhance safety awareness and strictly implement the safety responsibility system. "There is no benefit if there is no safety." For enterprises, safety is a veto, and the responsibility is heavy. It is necessary to control every pass in the operation process to ensure that there is no accident, and the mentality can be solid. The training and management of personnel is particularly important. The third is to enhance the sense of responsibility. State-owned enterprises shoulder social and national responsibilities, and must be responsible to the country and society. Tax payment according to regulations, employment of employees, and safety protection are all manifestations of state-owned enterprises' responsibilities. The fourth is to enhance the awareness of integrity. Cadres at all levels and business personnel must act in accordance with the rules, keep the bottom line, refrain from doing things that are illegal or illegal, and do not do things that harm the interests of enterprises or the interests of the country.

Chen Hui finally emphasized that in the future work, Haihua Technology will continue to do a good job in safety production, and the provincial, municipal, and district emergency management departments must strictly do a good job in safety supervision and two-pronged approach to achieve Haihua Technology's higher-quality development and leap.