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3-Chloroaniline: 3-chloroaniline; m-chloroaniline; m-aminochlorobenzene;, 3-chloroaniline; 3-chloroaniline. The pure product is a colorless liquid, the color becomes darker when stored, mp-11~-9℃, bp230~231℃(95~96℃/1.47 kPa), n20D 1.5940, relative density 1.206, fp123℃, insoluble in water , Soluble in ethanol, ether and acid solution.

Use: Used as an intermediate for dyes, pesticides, and medicines. Its hydrochloride is the base of ice dye dyes. It is mainly used as a developer for dyeing and printing cotton, linen and viscose fabrics. It can be used in medicine to produce chlorpromazine, Chloroquine phosphate, etc. It can also make pesticides and so on.