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o-Anisidine: Alias: o-anisidine; o-anisidine; o-anisidine; 2-aminoanisole. Light red or light yellow oily liquid, which becomes light brown when exposed to air. It is soluble in dilute mineral acid, ethanol and ether, and slightly soluble in water. Microscopic analysis of cyanide. The complex indicator titrates mercury. Organic Synthesis.

Use: It can be used in the preparation of azo dyes, ice dyes, chromol AS-OL and other dyes, as well as guaiacol, Anli and other medicines. As an intermediate of medicines and dyes, it is also used in the preparation of vanillin in the food industry. Used as a complex indicator for the determination of mercury, azo dye intermediates and fungicides, dyes, perfumes and pharmaceutical intermediates.