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M-cresol: Alias: -methyl (benzene) phenol; m-cresol; m-cresol 112-01 [6,8]; 3-cresol, 3-methylphenol, m-cresol, m-steamed wood oleic acid, m-gram Lesor; m-cresol standard solution; m-cresol (STANDARD FOR GC, ≥99.7% (GC)); m-cresol (standard); m-cresol solution. Colorless or light yellow flammable liquid. It smells of phenol.

Use: It is mainly used as a pesticide intermediate to produce insecticides such as fenthion, fenthion, sulfacarb, and permethrin. It is also an intermediate for color films, resins, plasticizers and fragrances. It can also be used as raw material for thymol and vitamin E.