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Phenol: Industrial phenol; hydroxybenzene; phenol; solid phenol; phenol crystal; phenol, phenol. In the air or encountering unclean substances, it gradually turns into reddish crystals. It has a special smell, is poisonous and highly corrosive.

Use: Used in the manufacture of phenolic resin, bisphenol A, pesticide fungicide salicylic acid, herbicide 2,4-D, explosive picric acid, etc. In addition, this product is also a raw material for manufacturing nylon, epoxy resin, coatings, paints, perfumes, synthetic detergents, and plasticizers. It can prepare chemical products and intermediates such as phenolic resin, caprolactam, bisphenol A, salicylic acid, picric acid, pentachlorophenol, 2,4-D, adipic acid, phenolphthalein N-acetoethoxyaniline, etc. Raw materials, alkylphenols, synthetic fibers, plastics, synthetic rubber, medicines, pesticides, perfumes, dyes, coatings and oil refining industries have important uses. In addition, phenol can also be used as a solvent, experimental reagent and disinfectant.