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O-cresol: Alias: 2-methyl phenol; 2-methyl (benzene) phenol; o-cresol; cresol mixture; o-hydroxycresol; 2-methyl phenol (o-cresol); o-methyl phenol. Colorless crystals. It smells of phenol. It is soluble in about 40 times of water (solubility in water reaches 3% at 40°C and 5.3% at 100°C). Soluble in caustic lye and almost all common organic solvents.

Use: Used in the manufacture of herbicide dimethyl tetrachloride, diluent for the production of sebacic acid, disinfectant, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It is also used in the production of resins, plasticizers, perfumes, dyes and analytical reagents for testing nitrate and arsenic acid.