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4-chlorotoluene: Alias: 4-chloro-1-methylbenzene; 4-chlorotoluene (1MG/ML methanol solution) [for water analysis]; 4-chlorotoluene, 98%; p-chlorotoluene standard solution; 4-chlorotoluene, 1-chloro-4-toluene, 4-chloro-1-methylbenzene; p-chlorotoluene, analytical standard, >99.5% (GC); p-chlorotoluene standard solution (for water analysis, 1000UG/ML methanol solution ); 4-chlorotoluene solution.

Use: It is used in the production of p-chlorobenzyl trifluoride, as well as p-chlorobenzyl chloride, p-chlorobenzaldehyde, p-chlorobenzoyl chloride, p-chlorobenzoic acid, etc., and also used in medicine. P-chlorotoluene is an intermediate for the manufacture of fenvalerate, paclobutrazol, uniconazole, trifluralin, chlorapyr, and triflubenzuron; it can also be used as an intermediate for dyes and pharmaceuticals; P-Chlorobenzoyl chloride is an intermediate of medicine and anti-inflammatory pass; manufacture p-chlorobenzoic acid, which is the raw material for dyes and textile finishing agents.